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Quartz stone will replace "ceramic", becoming the main force of decorative materials
Time: 2017-07-10 20:23:08     Copyfrom:

Ceramic decorative materials in the application of a wide range, with the energy-saving emission reduction will become China's government to promote economic development in the main task indicators. From the current artificial stone products in quartz stone, for the future of energy saving and emission reduction can do contribution that will seize in the quartz ceramic industry market in the near future, become the main material decoration materials.

Ceramic tiles are refractory metal oxides and semi metallic oxides by grinding, mixing, pressing, glazing, and sintering. The raw materials from clay, quartz sand mixture. While the artificialquartz stone is used with quartz sand as the main raw material, adding some ingredients are pressed, its color is very diverse, so it can effectively avoid the excessive exploitation of natural stone, and can absorb some waste materials to highlight environmental significance.

1, quartz stone and ceramic tiles compared to the process is much simpler, without melting into the kiln, no need to enter the spray tower;

2, quartz stone raw materials to buy very convenient, you can in the raw materials, including access to broken glass and other waste, make different colors of products, you can effectively recycle waste materials.

3, ceramic brick high energy consumption, pollution is relatively serious, in the late treatment of pollution, Kamiishi Eshi also saves a lot of expenses.